Portfolio of Products, Web Sites and Services

John wrote and designed each product and service that is listed below. In some cases, as part of a team and in others, he was the sole contributor.

Frameworks: A domain specific language for .NET that is used as a framework and architecture for enterprise-wide, scalable software. Frameworks is the subject of a multi-part blog that you can read on this web site.

HealthHonors’ Customer Websites such as Kaiser Permanente: HealthHonors employs its unique behavioral modification algorithms in order to help people adhere to their medications. John drove the technology for all tiers of these applicatons. These publicly facing websites are built utilizing a varierty of technologies and techniques including HTML, SOAP, AJAX, Rest, C#, ASP.NET, MVC, JQuery and JQueryUI. The middle tier uses WCF, C#, NHibernate and Frameworks as the underlying architecture. Finally, the database tier utilizes SQL Server.

Greenfield Online: In the more than two years that John was at Greenfield Online (now Toluna) he used a variety of innovative design and unique coding techniques to create the next generation of the industry’s well-known UPS Platform. Applications were written in .NET, ASP.NET, JavaScript, MSMQ, SQL Server, Salesforce, Metastorm Workflow engine and YASU Rules engine.

Web-Centric Real Estate Development: This publically facing website was built to bring together investors, land owners, architects, contractors, sub-contractors and home buyers. The web site was a hub for all construction related activity. It allowed investors to peak inside the construction process as well as the finances of projects that they were investing. The site was built with ASP.NET, C# and SQL-Server.

Medical Master – the Doctor’s Workstation: This product literally invented the electronic medical record. Built to change the way doctors practice medicine, Medical Master was the first computerized medical record system built for the doctor’s office. (view brochure)

Liberty software is a full featured development environnment for systems engineers. Liberty joins together in a graphical interface a Class Library, Code Generator, and robust database Shell. With Liberty, you seamlessly connect applications to 4D open, Sybase, Oracle, and DAL back-ends, as well as port from 4D Server applications to SQL applications with minimal effort.

Contact! software for Sales Automation and Contact Management delivers a complete client tracking system from initial contact to post-sales support. Businesses utilizing Contact! have found that the integrated information sharing among all departments, from marketing and Sales to Administration and Client Services, results in better projections, stronger slaes, and more satisfied customers.

PowerTrax! software embodies in one package all of the critical tools you need to carry out a client project. Starting with initial estimates and ending with post-delivery analysis, PowerTrax keeps you informed on all phases of a Job cycle. A knowledge-based system, powerTrax helps you refine the work flow process, and gives you the information you need to deliver a Job on time and under budget.

Custom SoftwareComputer Power, Inc (CPI)  was one of the most respected development firms specializing in custom software for the Apple Macintosh.  While John was at the reins of CPI, a host of custom solutions were used to solve the pain of many companies.

TimeCard software was the first payroll application for the Apple Macintosh. John wrote this while attending Wentworth Institute. Modules included Employee Management, Time Card Management, Payroll Management and Checkbook Management.

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