John Caccavaro has been a software professional for more than 20 years. During that time period, Mr. Caccavaro has founded two startups, brought several products to market and has helped companies realize their exit strategies. View John Caccavaro's LinkedIn profileView John Caccavaro’s profile

Technology is not simply a job to Mr. Caccavaro, it is a way of life, a passion, a hobby and a never-ending challenge.

He has spent the better part of his career developing techniques to reduce cost and defects while increasing the cadence in which products and services are released.

After graduating from Wentworth Institute of technology with a B.S. in Architectural Engineering, he co-founded RTJ Corporation. Its purpose was to literally change the way doctors practice medicine. Their flagship product in which he authored and named, ‘Medical Master – the Doctor’s Workstation’ accomplished this lofty goal.

After selling the company and returning profit to his share holders, he started Computer Power (CPI). CPI was one of the area’s most respected development firms specializing in products and services for the Apple Macintosh.

While working towards an M.B.A at Babson College – Franklin W. Olin Graduate School of Business, John consulted with a number of organizations to enhance their development processes.

He then went to work for Greenfield Online and helped to make that company a success as witnessed by Microsoft’s purchase in excess of $500 million.

John joined HealthHonors, Inc. as the VP of Engineering where he built a platform that became the impetus for a strategic buyout by a large public company named Healthways (HWYS).

John brought his expertise to a global expansion company named High Street Partners. He formed on and offshore teams that built the industry leading OverseasConnect platform. That technology helped the company realize their desired exit strategy.

Mr. Caccavaro is currently the Chief Technology Officer at Radius where he continues to break new ground in SAAS software.

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